Walking, biking to work lowers risk for fatal heart disease

Strolling, cycling to work reduces run the risk of for deadly heart disease

Individuals who walked or rode their bikes to work lowered their danger for ischemic heart illness by 11% and danger for passing away of this illness by 30%, …

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When Gordon Way initially began cycling, his goal was to see a greener part of his city. “After the 2nd world war, there wasn’t excessive to do in the London [U.K.] area where I lived at the time,” he stated. “So every weekend we had actually get a little pop-tent, groundsheet, remove on a bike into the country since [there’…

With bicyclists dealing with a higher risk of injury

and death than residents of motor vehicles, the Michigan State Cops are advising bicyclists to take preventative measures when riding. Each year, near 2,000 bicyclists are injured or eliminated in automobile-related crashes in Michigan.”Cycling is a summertime custom in Michigan. Helmets are worn in an … See all stories on this subject


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