Ultracyclist Brett Stepanik bikes equivalent of Mount Everest's height on Rib Mountain

Ultracyclist Brett Stepanik bikes equivalent of Mount Everest’s height on Rib Mountain

RIB MOUNTAIN – The chalk marks on the light post at the bottom of Rib Mountain tell the story. There are 42 hash marks on it, representing the number of times Wausau West graduate and endurance bicyclist Brett Stepanik rode his Bianchi Volpe single-speed bicycle up and down Rib Mountain on Park Road. He used the inbounds marker to keep an eye on his …

See all stories on this topic’A lifelong activity ‘: 1st Winnipeg Household Bike Jam open up to riders of any ages, abilities

More than 100 people hit the streets Sunday for the first ever Winnipeg Household Bike Jam. The event saw cyclists of all ages and abilities ride from Mulvey School in Wolseley to Omand’s Creek Park and back, and consisted of a day of activities focused on mentor kids the ins and outs of biking through the city. The idea was imitated the mont.

See all stories on this topic Mid Week series’speed set by pros, followed by average Joes Tanzi Propst/Park Record|The Park Record Sam Sweetser (27) leads a wave of Mid-Week Mountain Biking racers along a path at Quinn’s Junction Tuesday evening, June 5, 2018. (Tanzi Propst/Park … Meghan Sheridan (422) and Evelyn Dong (480) pedal in stride as they start the Mid-Week Mtb ride at Quinn’s Junction Tuesday evening, June 5, … Matt Pavlin, center, trips with a wave of male cyclists along a path at Quinn’s Junction as the Mid-Week Mountain Bike ride begins Tuesday night, Jun. Jacquelyn Harris (474) races towards the goal of the Mid-Week Mtb course at Quinn’s Junction Tuesday evening, June 5, 2018. (Tanzi Pro … The Mid Week MTB Series rode through Round Valley for the 2nd and last time this season, where location mountain cycling experts set a quick rate through the course. Leading the women’s expert department, Midway resident Evelyn Dong climbed 1,455 feet over the 12-mile course to finish in 51 minutes, 19 seconds. Dong was followed by Meghan Sheridan at 53:50 and Spring Bastow at 54:41. Alex Grant, of Salt Lake, took initially in the males’s expert division with a time of 44:20, followed by Kade Brasher at 44:23 and Bryson Perry at 44:50. All told, 28 racers completed in the professional department, which race director Jackie Baker said had to do with requirement for the series. “We have a lot of stellar riders who live in Utah and visit often,” she stated. “A lot depends on the overall nationwide race schedule and other special occasions throughout the season, however we do see heavy players coming out. Plus, it’s a fun, social vibe, so (the race was) an excellent exercise on an off week.” The series likewise draws professional athletes from outside the cycling world. Taylor Fletcher, two-time Nordic combined Olympian, was amongst the professional department ranks at Round Valley on Tuesday. “He invests a lot of time on a mountain bicycle, but he’s also completing because pro class where these people are actually professional mountain bicycle riders,” Baker said. Fletcher completed in 16th, ahead of 2 racers in the professional guys’s division with a time of 51:01. Baker said one of the appeals of the Mid Week series is that though it brings in elite racers, it also caters to typical Joes. In truth, Baker stated Tuesday’s race saw an influx of novice individuals in both gender categories, as well as a boost in involvement in the guys’s sport classification, which leapt to 66 total individuals from 49 at the season’s opener in Heber. “This week we have seen a great deal of new racers– not simply new to Mid Week, however brand-new to racing in basic– come out, which is actually fun,” she said. And if a racer goes into a category with a misunderstanding about their own ability, that’s OKAY, Baker stated– the race isn’t really related to a higher governing body, so riders can easily adjust their racing category. “But I believe that’s exactly what’s so enjoyable about where we live and what this series is,” she said. “Actually anybody can come out and race with us, whether it’s on a dare from someone at the workplace or a World Champ.”


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