Top Skiing Tips for the Beginner

Thinking of hitting the slopes for your first time? Besides checking the weather forecast, and dressing to stay comfortable and warm, as well as making sure you understand the trail coding once you get there (so you do not go flying off a double black diamond on your first run), there are a few things you should learn before you hop on your skis for the first time.

Use the proper skis for your skill level:

Ensure you are using the type of skis, and their size which is appropriate for your height, weight and experience. To start your skis should be around 20 to 30cm shorter than your height. The shorter the skis, the easier they are to control, especially on turns. We recommend that instead of buying skis you should start by renting at your local ski hill. That way, if you find you have trouble steering, or if your skis are constantly crossing in front of you, you will be able to easily return and exchange them for a shorter size at the rental shop.

Find snug boots:

Ski boots may not be the most comfortable boots in the world, especially if you are renting. Try to find a pair that are somewhat comfortable but make sure that they are snug, keeping your foot in place once done up. Before your first run get comfortable in your boots by walking around in them. Also, practice getting your skis on and off. The easiest way to attach your skis is to slide the front of your boot into the binding first, and then press down your heel till you hear a click.

Start at the bunny hills:

Try not to rush to the peak of the mountain for your first run down the hill. Begin at the smaller hills. Once you get the hang of the basics, such as turning and stopping, you can progress to the bigger hills. The steeper the hill, the harder the fall. You will surely minimize injury by progressing slowly but surely.


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