Riversiders still split over Brockton bike lanes

Riversiders still divided over Brockton bike lanes

Riverside collected information on traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists, and crashes on Brockton Avenue prior to and after the roadway was restriped to add to bike lanes in late 2014. Here are some highlights. Head-on crashes: Prior to, 4.1; after, 0 Broadside crashes: Prior to, 18.9; after 14 Crashes with a bicyclist: Prior to, 2; after, 4 Bicyclists at Brockton and Bandini …
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“> See all stories on this topic Editorial: As roads obstruct, cyclists and

motorists require sharpened attention Steven Senne/The Associated Press In this Tuesday, Aug. 16, photo, a bicyclist enters a bike lane that is routed between parked automobiles and the sidewalk, right, in Boston. Chicago, New york city, Boston, and other U.S. cities are reconfiguring bike lanes earn them safer due to a spate of fatal mishaps including cyclists and automobiles. According to People for Bikes and a current Associated Press story, there have to do with 240 miles of lanes in 94 cities. People for Bikes says that is up from 100 miles in 32 cities in 2013. Bicycling is in the middle of a resurgence as a low-cost way to commute, besides a leisure pursuit. Nevertheless, this area is growing and the roadways are becoming more clogged with vehicles than ever. Prescott is billed as a mountain biking/cycling-friendly city, which is why it’s extra essential motorists keep in mind the roads aren’t simply for motorized vehicles. We have commuters, residents and travelers on two wheels on the primary roadways at any given time. The city is lucky that Prescott’s Mayor Harry Oberg hosts an ad hoc Bike and Pedestrian Committee that studies and addresses the issues of bicyclists and bipeds. They have a voice here and many other cities are likewise listening to their riders. Places worldwide are dealing with bike lanes and safety in different methods, to differing degrees of success, according to the AP: Tokyo and other Japanese cities have actually long had a strong biking culture, but some of their secured lanes are placed directly on walkways. This does trigger issues in between pedestrian and bicyclists rights-of-way. London opened a number of “cycle superhighways” indicated to eventually crisscross the city. Bicyclists on these routes are separated from vehicle traffic at important sectors by a curb. Officials have actually even captivated ideas of “elevated bike lanes.” Buenos Aires has developed nearly 90 miles of bike lanes, a number of them safeguarded, in simply 3 years. A current CNN health program showed a cycling section that featured one city’s option to bike parking: They took one vehicle parking area per downtown street and converted it into a bike rack that manages 12 bicycles. The downtown merchants backed the idea since that possibly enables them to draw in 12 more clients who would not normally drop in on their bicycle. Both operators need to take note. Vehicle motorists aren’t the only perpetrators when it comes to distraction. Bike riders fiddling with phones or bike computer systems tend to weave a bit into other lanes. Take this is a reminder that with the new homes under construction and more individuals moving into the county, the roadways will get more overloaded. Tom Steele There is a big distinction in between cycling in many foriegn nations. In Munich Germany, you can either afford a BMW or a bike. Half of the walkways are for one-way bikes on each side of the street and the train station was obstructed with cycles no doubt do to the expenses of private transportation in a socialist nation. Satisfaction riding was not a consideration. Here, we have older or less sufficient roads with bicycle traffic due either “old streets” as in downtown Prescott or less will to provide curbs and sidewalks as in Prescott Valley. Regardless of the traffic laws if you are on a 20 pound two wheeler you are not in a position to argue with a 4,000 pound pickup so accept it. Considering that when did Germany end up being a socialist country? Last I saw they were quite a capitalist nation. Riding a bike has absolutely nothing to do with the quantity of cash individuals have to invest in their transportation. It may have something to do with workout, not polluting the air, or great old fun. Do you remember what enjoyable is like? I particularly like the last sentence in your remark, “despite traffic laws …” Sounds a lot like you do not care much for laws and are willing to break them and trigger injury to prove a point. Fascinating Utilizing a bike for transportation is a young adult’s thing. Not gon na be a great deal of that here. In Europe (and NYC I believe) you can rent them one way from pay racks. Swipe card, trip bike to work, put in rack. Do reverse on the way home. Racks all over town. Not going to happen here like that folks. A lot of cowboys in big trucks lol. And half of those morons cannot keep it in between the lines moving or parking. Bike lanes include about 10 percent to the cost of a road and only service a portion of a percent of the general public. Nothing in Prescott came here via bicycle. Bike lanes can actually minimize overall gas mileage of automobiles since of the regular sluggish and accelerating cars should do to exist together with bicycles. The only thing bike lanes do is take tax cash and disperse it to the road contractors and grant seekers. End all bike lanes and sign up with the 21st century.
< a href=https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=http://www.dcourier.com/news/2016/aug/24/editorial-roads-clog-cyclists-and-drivers-need-sha/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjQ1MGMyYzBjODUxMmZmOTM6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNG9Gy7837UQg622q0rMZK1VqY6mrA target="_ blank

“> See all stories on this topic Montreal Falling Behind in Cyclist Safety A young cyclist died after a crash with a truck on Monday afternoon in Montreal. The chauffeur didn’t see the 24 year old female when he made a right-turn at the crossway of Iberville and Rosemont. The opposition in City Council, along with advocacy group Vélo-Québec, are calling, once again, for boosted protective measures for bicyclists …


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