Pedalling away to notice

Pedalling away to see

Early this year, in January, an early morning flight from Panaiyur, East Coast Road to Puducherry was Sundar Moorthy’s very first long-distance cycling endeavour. Little did he know that he was cycling to the Hall of Popularity. At 29, he had ended up being a Super Randonneur. Of the 19 individuals in the 600 km randonneuring occasion held last month in Mumbai, Sundar …

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Herald readers share their pictures from the 416 Fire and assistance of firefighting efforts. If you have photos to share, please e-mail claws@bcimedia.com. Pointer: do not go to the fire to take photos. Please stay clear of the area. Likewise, do not fly drones over the fire area; it is prohibited. A substantial part of fighting a wildland fire is anticipating …


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