New Bike Lanes On the Way to Downtown San Jose

New Bike Lanes On the Way to Downtown San Jose

New Bike Lanes En Route to Downtown San Jose New, more secure bike lanes are on the method, with the city spending huge to attempt to cut down on cycling deaths and clean the air. Existing bike lanes in downtown San Jose force bicyclists to obtain close to both moving and parked automobiles. The new plan would provide everyone more room. Joseph Robinson started biking …

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Hard to believe when one talks with Bernie Eisel, or enjoys him race, that he was literally going through brain surgery less than four months earlier. The 37-year-old Austrian professional cycling veteran suffered a fractured wrist and a subdural haematoma following a crash at Tirreno-Adriatico crash 6 weeks previously in March. Eurosport caught up with the Dimen …

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When it comes to tourism and travel today, it’s not just about the destination. The head of the Experience Cycling Association provided his views at last week’s Kentucky Bike Stroll Top in Lexington. Listen Listening … / / Experience Cycling Association’s Jim Sayer says, for increasingly more people, the journey as well as the destination are important parts of the total travel experience. He states it’s something that’s appealing to both boomers and millennials. “There’s a genuine boom and need for active travel all throughout all demographics. So, biking, walking, paddling. So, lots of states and areas are placing themselves to be competitive in those locations,” stated Sayer. Sayer says he’s seeing high development in interest for providing bike centers in Kentucky. He says the Commonwealth is a leader nationally in creating new paths within the United States bicycle route system. Sayer states these new routes will form an interstate bike network across state lines. Kentucky’s statewide bike and pedestrian coordinator says a cultural shift in person attitudes about the need for cycling and strolling facilities is taking place. Troy Hearn also participated in the Kentucky Bike Stroll Top at Transylvania University. Where there might have been about 1% of a town’s population thinking about bike lanes and walking trails, Hearn states today that figure might be between 5 and 10%. The statewide cycling and pedestrian coordinator wishes to speak with community leaders. “One of my checklist items of things to help me help communities and people the most is for each community in the state to have a prepare for what they desire,” noted Hearn. Hearn states funding stays an ongoing need. Even with prepared volunteers, he says path work with mainly hand tools can take significantly longer to complete than a job with heavy devices. See all stories on this subject

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Exactly what to do, where to be and what to see, from With an unstable inaugural year at its back, Velorama, RPM Productions’ hybrid cycling and music festival, went back to RiNo on Friday identified to make a better name for itself on its second lap. Last year’s list of complaints originated from all angles. Fans were miffed at its labyrinthian layou …
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