NASA Approves Science Instruments For JUICE Mission — ESA's Jupiter Mission

NASA Authorizes Science Instruments For JUICE Mission– ESA’s Jupiter Objective

He said the intermittent geyser might be coming through a fairly thin part of Europa’s icy shell – “thin” meaning as much as two miles thick – and might provide an opportunity to study the moon’s ocean without drilling down to reach it. The salty ocean beneath Europa’s icy crust has always been believed as a potential the home of life in our solar syste …

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robotic gunslinger Technically Incorrect uses a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken control of our lives. As the guarantee of warfare wafts across the world, it deserves focusing on the future and whether the world has one. Easily, one of the countries that presently appears a touch bellicose, Russia, has actually unveiled a robotic that seems extremely battle-ready. On Fri.


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