Montreal considering separate traffic laws for cyclists

Montreal thinking about different traffic laws for cyclists

The age of automobile cycling is pertaining to an end. Lots of cyclists (including this one) complain that guidelines designed for automobiles do not make sense for bikes. Some even periodically simply decrease for stop signs. In the City of Montreal they are lastly having a look at this, and developing brand-new rules for cyclists. Oliver Moore writes in the World and Mail, quoting a city councillor: Montreal is not the very first city in North America to do this; The states of Idaho and Delaware permit the “Idaho Stop” where cyclists get to treat stop indications and yields. Inning accordance with Moore, It should be noted that Montreal has constantly been a leader in the war against “automobile biking”, the concept that cyclists “fare best when they act and are treated as motorists of cars.” Montreal got its very first apart bike lane in the 80s and has actually been dealing with bikes as a different mode of transport ever since. The city aligned itself more closely to exactly what was taking place in Copenhagen and Amsterdam than to John Forester and car cycling supporters in Los Angeles. Peter Walker of the Guardian likewise describes how Montreal activists contributed in 1975, including Robert Silverman, AKA Bicycle Bob, part of … The city still has a bit of an anarchist tendency, but a minimum of it faces the truth of circumstances; years earlier, when investigating a post on bike lanes in Montreal, I asked a planner about their use of contra-flow lanes on one-way streets. He responded that everybody was going the incorrect method versus traffic anyhow, so they might as well legitimize it and make it more secure. Lloyd Alter/ Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, with stop indications every 266 feet to decrease cars/CC BY 2.0

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