Leeds Cycling Campaign chairman Martin Stanley on biking in the city

Leeds Cycling Project chairman Martin Stanley on biking in the city

For lots of journeys it’s quicker, and always more trustworthy. My commute from Pudsey to Horsforth takes 35 minutes, whatever the traffic conditions. By public transportation it takes 85 and is affected by traffic. Driving takes 25 minutes, however can typically take control of an hour due to blockage. Find out more: Half a million journeys on Leeds Bradford CityConnect Cyc …

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Sarah catches completion of fall’s yellow aspen leaf season in Crested Butte, Colorado, during the golden hour before sundown. Andrew Chad I knew exactly what it resembled to be good at biking, but I didn’t know what else was out there. I stopped the year before the Beijing Olympics and stressed I ‘d have a big sense of remorse. Then, I got a dog and built …


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