'It puts some people off' – advocates say cyclists should be able to ride without helmets

‘It puts some people off’ – supporters state cyclists must have the ability to ride without helmets

Some cycling advocates state making helmets optional would get more individuals biking and increase public health, however critics state that opens them up for brain trauma. Biking Action stated the other day that they concur helmets are the best choice, but desire the law evaluated. Speaking this morning to TVNZ 1’s Breakfast programme, Option Cycling’s representative Lisa Clist said there are various designs of bike riding, from casual to high speed, and the law doesn’t recognise that. “In some cases you’re going through a park, you’re going at running speed, but that’s unlawful (not to use a helmet),” Ms Clist stated She said cycling rates cut in half when helmets were made compulsory in New Zealand, and that eliminating the restriction would get more people “out there being active and healthy”. Ms Clist agreed that it was much safer to use a helmet, but argued that a sedentary lifestyle resulting in cardiovascular disease was more harmful. “What if there were some incredible activity that you could utilize to combat that in your life – that’s biking.” Figures reveal 18 individuals died while riding bikes on New Zealand roadways last year, and brain injury specialist Kathryn Jones of the Laura Ferguson Trust states the threat of injury while riding a bike without a helmet is much higher. “Not using a helmet when you’re biking can cause a far more severe and traumatic brain injury,” Ms Jones said. “Within our serious brain injury unit, about eight percent of clients that have actually come through have been bicyclists. “Sound judgment dominates – if your head hits the pavement at force … a helmet will offer some defense. Entrepreneur state it will likely include more vehicles to the street, hindering parking and increasing blockage.

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See all stories on this topic Cycle crash survivor a company follower in required helmet laws A survivor of a horrific biking crash couldn’t disagree more strongly with supporters of a modification to compulsory helmet laws for cyclists. A group of cyclists will hold a protest trip against helmet rules this weekend in Wellington. Option Cycling claims that mandatory helmet laws just exist here, in Australia and in the United Arab Emirates. They say helmets do not make people much safer, and enforcement of the law appears approximate. However New Zealand crash victim Grace Nicholls knows all too well what can take place if you’re not wearing a helmet. “The helmet definitely saved my life.” Ms Nicholls had a near-death experience when she fell off her bike and into the path of an oncoming cars and truck. “My head struck the approaching traffic, there was an automobile coming and after that I went beneath the car – and had I not been using a helmet, I think it would’ve been a really different story,” she informed The AM Program. Ms Nicholls says the greatest piece of her helmet that her moms and dads discovered on the roadway was the size of a 50 cent coin. “The whole thing just blew up … I can’t envision exactly what would’ve happened had I not been using a helmet.” She thinks choice is necessary but compulsory helmet laws for bicyclists are a no-brainer. “It’s unworthy the threat and I think it ought to remain necessary for people to wear helmets.” Newshub.


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