Improve your running with these simple tricks!

“I can’t do it!” “I cannot run that far.” Replacing “I can’t” with “I can” is only the start to making your runs more efficient. Below are a few simple and easy to implement running tricks which you can start doing right away! Here is how to train your body to run faster and farther while at the same time cutting the risk of injuries.

  1. Shorten your stride:

Many new runners tend to reach their foot as far as possible in hopes to go faster and further. Ideally, your foot should be landing on the ground directly under your body. Shortening your stride will greatly reduce the impact your legs experience. When your foot lands in front of your body this shocks the rest of the leg, which can lead to pain and injury.

  1. Avoid heel smashing:

Putting lots of consistent pressure on your heels (by landing on them) can lead to back and knee pain. To avoid injury land on the midsole of our foot, instead of on your heels.

  1. Slow down:

Learn how to run farther and faster by first slowing down. Many new runners push past their limits and quickly give up as they have difficulty reaching their goals. While running is not always easy there are a few tricks which can help you improve quicker. Try running slower. Eventually your body will be able to run faster and farther without having to push so hard.

  1. Time your runs:

The more you train, the easier your run will be. Timing your runs will help you track your own progress, and it will help you set larger and realistic goals. Use a stop watch on your phone or any other device, this will help you observe your improvements as you run a farther distance in a shorter amount of time.

  1. Use your arms:

Your upper body strength is part of your stride. By using your arms you will relieve a lot of the work from your legs. As you pump your arms you are adding more energy to your run.


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