Improve your golf game

Golf can seem easy when watching others play, but as a beginner, picking up a golf club and executing a successful swing is much harder then it looks. There are also so many different rules, and so many different clubs. Hopefully this helps you figure out what clubs you will need, how you should practice and when you will know you are ready for the golf course. While these pointers are a great place to start, we recommend that for this sport in particular, you see a golf professional who can help you progress through the beginner stages of the sport.

Do not focus on buying the latest and greatest equipment:

As a beginner you should make learning your number one priority. While you are allowed to carry many clubs on the course, you should only start with the main clubs such as a driver, a putter, a sand wedge, 6-iron, 8-iron, and a pitching wedge. These are all great clubs to begin with and can often be found inexpensively at your local golf store. At the store, or at your local driving range you can also try a few different clubs with different holds. Fin the one most comfortable for you to swing.

Be patient:

Learning to play golf can sometimes be frustrating. Stay focused and keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you want to learn how to play in the first place. Be patient and work through the start.

Find a comfortable stance:

A powerful swing comes from a comfortable stance. You need to find the perfect position to be able to execute maximum power for your swing. Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Now, simply tilt from your hips while flexing your knees. Also, ensure your arms are placed far enough from your body to enable a free swing. Work on your stance every time you practice. It is easy to pick up bad habits, especially from other players. Therefore, if you ensure you keeping a good address you are sure to succeed in a better swing.


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