Illegal Logging in Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Reserve Falls 40%

Unlawful Logging in Mexico’s Queen Butterfly Reserve Falls 40 % Prohibited logging inside Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve declined by 40 percent in 2015-2016, preservation group World Wildlife Fund, WWF, said Tuesday. RELATED: Report: Global Warming Will Expense Millennials $8.8 Trillion In the core of the reserve, which makes up forests in the main state of Mexico and surrounding Michoacan, unlawful …
< a href=https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Illegal-Logging-in-Mexicos-Monarch-Butterfly-Reserve-Falls-40-20160824-0033.html&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjhkNWEwOGZjMjBkZTUxYzc6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNHbDOirDH68RYR6BeVh_LyZF1bfNg target="_ blank

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< a href=https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-37167390&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjhkNWEwOGZjMjBkZTUxYzc6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNGAdkQhnF7nkPtCW-d4bNlUwwUCpA target="_ blank

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