How to get strong and lean legs

A strong pair of legs is needed for a wide range of sport activities. Rock climbing, running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing and much more, all require lower body strength. Below are a few helpful exercises that will allow for leg strength building. Try them out!

  1. Squat:

Famous, and often dreaded, the squat is the best way to strengthen the legs, butt and even your core! Start in a standing position with your legs hip distance apart. Draw your belly button in, keep your chest up and facing forward and slowly bend your knees. Go down as far as you can (as far as is comfortable) but do not pass the point where your thighs are parallel to the floor (as if you were sitting in a chair). There are many different variations of the squat, for example, you can also try a one-legged squat. Try the one-leg squat on a wall, making it much easier to balance. As you become more comfortable you can experiment with even more variations.

  1. Jump:

Getting off the ground will greatly improve your lower half. Try jumping jacks, squat jumps and skipping. Each of these exercises works your legs and helps improve your cardio.

  1. Sprint:

Springing, moving as fast as you can in 15-30 second intervals, is a great cardio workout which is great not only for your heart, but also helps you develop strong and also leaner legs. Incorporate sprints to your runs and jogs for a more intense workout.

  1. Rest:

Be sure to allow your muscles to rest and recover after any intense workout. 48-72 hours is a recommended recovery time before working the same muscles again. During this time avoid weights, however you can still do some cardio, and workout other parts of your body, such as your back, arms and core.


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