Harvard scientists develop first autonomous soft robot

Harvard scientists develop very first self-governing soft robotic Fulfill the octobot, an unique new creation out of Harvard that the university says could be the primary step in a new sort of bot. This absolutely soft robotic has eight movable legs, much like its flesh-and-blood marine cousin, which was the motivation for the gadget. Produced partly through 3-D printing, the octobot is autonomous, according to Harvard …
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‘Climate Modification’Called One of Most significant Hazards to America’s National

Parks View the discussion thread. (CNSNews.com) – “Climate modification” and “staying relevant” are two of the biggest difficulties for the National Park Service as it commemorates its centennial this month, a park service authorities told CSPAN on Thursday. “So environment modification is one of our huge hazards,” stated Mike Reynolds, deputy director of NPS operations. “We have a very large science group working on that with partners in the science neighborhood. So we’re really worried about the best ways to deal with types at danger, for example, landscapes and maintaining places– even historical locations, we have certain weathering that goes on now– even the monuments here in Washington that we’re studying. “So environment change; staying relevant to our constituents, to the American people, ensuring we tell the stories, the complete diverse story, of the American experience. Those would be a couple traits I would fret about.” Reynolds stated in the next century, some of the country’s 413 parklands might look different than they do now since of a warming climate: “We may have in Glacier National Park less glaciers … We’re aiming to find out how to change that process, mitigate those procedures. But we may need to tell stories and we may need to comprehend and reveal parks in a various way ahead. I hope not.” A more immediate risk to the country’s parks is the big and growing deferred maintenance backlog, which stood at $11.927 billion at the end of Financial 2015. “For a number of years, NPS maintenance funding has not equaled its recognized requirements,” the NPS states on its site. That deferred upkeep overall is expected to rise once again in 2016, despite the fact that Congress offered NPS $90 million in this centennial year to resolve deferred upkeep needs along with an extra $28 million for transport repair works and building. “While these boosts will make it possible for the NPS to address more of its most vital requirements, the DM (deferred upkeep) total will continue to grow,” the park service stated. On Tuesday, in the nick of time for the National forest Service’s 100th birthday on Aug. 25, President Obama, by proclamation, developed the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in north main Maine. The pronouncement states the 87,500 acres– an enormous area– is an “extraordinary natural and cultural landscape,” with mountains, woods and waters that are still “cherished” by Native Americans; logged by lumberjacks; and taken pleasure in by “Artists, authors, scientists, conservationists, recreationists, and others” who “have actually drawn understanding and motivation from this landscape.” Only Congress can designate a national park, but the president can unilaterally designate a national monument, which features land-use limitations. Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican politician, is amongst those who say President Obama should not have actually used his executive authority to reserve 87,000 acres in Maine, “provided the objection lodged by the Maine Legislature, the absence of agreement among Mainers who live in the location, and the absence of Congressional approval.” “Bypassing Congress and taking this action without the assistance of the state and the regional neighborhoods circumvented discussions of alternatives, such as the production of a national leisure area or management by the Forest Service,” Collins stated. “& ldquo; This monument classification generates a host of concerns varying from basic logistical matters to fundamental concerns such as exactly what will the impact be on taxpayers and whether the National forest Service, with its almost $12 billion upkeep stockpile, can manage to handle this new federal acquisition.” Collins also revealed concern about the new nationwide monument being an “impediment’ to financial activity and recreational enjoyment of the location. According to the White House, President Obama has completely safeguarded more than 265 million acres of America’& rsquo; s public lands and waters, “more than any other president in history.”
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Doreen’s Offers: Top 10 travel tips for Labor Day and fall trips|Commentary Labor Day is Sept. 5

. If you’re planning a trip over the long weekend or later on this fall, use my ideas to minimize travel far and wide. Theme park tickets: Florida resident month starts in October, but locals can minimize amusement park tickets now at VisitOrlando.com. Orlando’s official tourism website lists hotel and ticket deals at all the theme pa …
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objective SpaceX’s CRS-9 Dragon spacecraft departed from the International Spaceport station (ISS) on Friday, following a highly successful Industrial Resupply Solutions (CRS) mission to the orbital station. Known as End Of Objective (EOM) operations, Dragon’s safe return was marked by a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean later on in the day. SpaceX CRS-9 E.
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