Gear Prudence: How Do I Keep Up My Bicycling While Also Keeping My Relationship Together?

Equipment Prudence: How Do I Maintain My Cycling While Likewise Keeping My Relationship Together?Gear Vigilance:

I’m in a serious relationship with a man who takes a trip a lot for work. I’m also a quite serious bicyclist who invests at least one complete day every weekend out on long flights by myself. Lately, though, as he’s been taking a trip more and around less, I have actually felt pangs of guilt about costs so much of my weekend off biking rather of …

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research study, cycling to work can minimize your danger of early death by 40%. But if preventing an early demise isn’t really sufficient to get you on a bike, there’s also a more instant advantage– if you commute by bike, you will feel less stressed and be more efficient at work. A research study recently in the International Journal of Office He … See all stories on this subject Burger-seeking bike trip tests bicyclist’s nerve Courtesy photo Gavin Saxer concluded his five-day

bike tour in search of the best burger at Henry’s Restaurant in Fort Wayne. Gavin Saxer loaded light for his five-day hamburger bike tour, electing to wash out his Auntie Millie’s bike kit every day rather than pack an additional set of clothes. Gavin Saxer used a bike package emblazoned with the Auntie Millie’s … See all stories on this subject Hundreds of bicyclists take part in Ride Around Torch ANTRIM COUNTY, Mich.(WPBN/WGTU)– Close to 1,000 cyclists took part in the 31st Annual Trip

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