Fixed-Gear Bike Purists Gets Their Swerve On with ClickDark's Bay-Centric 'Fixie Rap' Music Vids

Fixed-Gear Bike Purists Gets Their Swerve On with ClickDark’s Bay-Centric ‘Fixie Rap’ Music Vids

Centered around the streamlined and sexy fixed-gear bikes, “fixie” culture reveals no signs of decreasing. These bikes have no freewheel (significance you can’t coast) and frequently have no brakes (yes, even in uneven San Francisco). However the minimalist bike model has a lots of design and gets a ton of love. And with any subculture, art and musi …

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Clarksville, TN – – Leaders of the Clarksville Biking Club met Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan just recently to go over methods to promote bicycle-related activities in the Clarksville location. Alex King, board member and past president, and Lawrence Mize also signaled assistance for the City’s efforts to create an advocacy group to promote a more bi …


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