Double arm amputee bikes through Macon, inspires others

Double arm amputee bikes through Macon, motivates others

Double arm amputee bikes through Macon A double arm amputee is cycling his way through 31 cities in 31 days, and Monday, he cycled through Macon. “I made contact with 13,000 volts of electrical power, not when but two times, resulting in the amputation of my whole best arm and half my left, and second and third degree burns on 40 percent of my …

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We reside in an age of MRT developments, self-driving automobiles, and this moving tunnel and public transportation that might or might not remove in China. Despite that, the recent increase of bike sharing services is reinventing the wheel, so to speak, towards a more community-orientated cycling culture. And breaking ground towards this motion in Malaysia ap …


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