Cyclists seek ideas to make downtown Fredericton safer for them

Cyclists seek ideas to make downtown Fredericton much safer for them

Braving Fredericton’s city streets on 2 wheels rather of four? Fredericton Active Transport Coalition is hosting the Make Cycling in Fredericton Easier event tonight. It’s a roundtable conversation for all cyclists in the area on problems they face navigating– and the best ways to make things better. “We’re trying to find access,” said David Kersey, a member of the Fredericton Active Transportation Union. Often, Kersey said, cyclists have difficulty navigating Fredericton’s downtown core. And with the Bill Thorpe Strolling Bridge closing for extensive repairs in the next 2 or 3 years, they’ll have much more problem in the city. However he said more and more bicyclists are using their bikes to obtain to dining establishments, grocery stores and breweries. “Availability on a bike, you can drive right to your destination, park it and you’re right there.” Security is another concern for the cycling neighborhood, particularly for households cycling in the downtown location. This consists of King and Queen streets. He said there’s likewise a lack of connectivity with routes in the location. “When it comes to commuting — that is coming down to where your workplace is, specifically downtown — it is doing not have,” he stated. “It’s an outcome of an understanding that a lot of cities … have, that cycling is still sport and entertainment.” Kersey said it is necessary to move beyond that and increase the number of cyclists throughout the city. “To get more individuals biking, we have to go from a painted white line on the road,” he stated. Although Kersey praised Fredericton’s path system, he stated among the bigger gaps is with downtown biking. “This is a financial development issue due to the fact that cities are looking at bring in millennials … they really don’t wish to drive cars they want to bike, take public transit.” In December, city staff proposed bike lanes in downtown Fredericton for 2019, consisting of one along Queen Street, in between Regent Street and Northumberland, up Northumberland to Brunswick and along Brunswick to Church. Carleton Street would likewise have a connecting lane in between Queen and Brunswick streets. The biking group plans to talk about the proposed bike lanes and routes. After Thursday’s meeting, Kersey stated, the group will correspond with the city and plan future events like this one to enhance biking. “It’s a possibility for the city to get some feedback from users in regards to exactly what they like, exactly what they do not like in terms of modifications being made mostly in the downtown,” stated Jon Lewis, a traffic engineer with the City of Fredericton. The Fredericton Active Transportation Union will be at the Picaroons Roundhouse in between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Thursday.

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