Cycling Through The Gates Of Hell

Biking Through The Gates Of Hell

Ethiopia’s Danakil Anxiety, an inferno of burning salt, sulphuric acid, lava and volcanic rock – just like hell on earth. Our ‘Females on an Objective’ group had set itself a bold and pioneering difficulty – to cross the Danakil Desert on mountain bicycle. Nobody had actually ever tried such an accomplishment in the past, and we quickly realised why. With its furnace-lik …

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take flight on Eagle Mountain An agreement between the Tri-Cities Off-Road Biking Association (TORCA), land managers, user groups and various levels of government could scorching a trail to turning Eagle Mountain into a first-rate location for mountain bikers. Karaleen Gioia, the president of TORCA, stated the arrangement is the conclusion of a five-year procedure to legitimize mo.


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