Cycling in the High Country

Biking in the High Nation

R oughly 66 million Americans ride a bicycle in a given year, according to Nielsen Holdings PLC scores. Despite its ubiquity, biking as a means of transport or leisure remains a specific niche. A group promoting and advocating for cycling interests in the High Nation is the not-for-profit Boone Location Cyclists. Clinton Marsh works as their president a.

See all stories on this topic Epic weekend of biking, beer and back roads in Oshkosh, Hayward and Superior OSHKOSH – It was about midday on Saturday morning and I was standing in Winnebago Bicycle discussing the problem with my bike to Ben Rennert. “It just got really, actually hard to pedal,” I told him, motioning toward my Bianchi Volpe, which generally is a good, strong and reputable bicycle. “Now the rear wheel is about locked up. I think it’s th …


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