Book bag safety tips for back-to-school season

Reserve bag security ideas for back-to-school season

The American Chiropractic Association says a knapsack needs to weigh no greater than 10 percent of your kid’s weight, so 10 pounds for a 100-pound child. But how frequently are you setting your kids backpack onto a scale? A variety of aspects weigh on moms and dads when picking a book bag for their kid. “& ldquo; Rates obviously, and exactly what they like, …

See all stories on this topic Paleontologists have discovered a new species of pterodactyls A new types of pterodactyl was opened by the paleontologists during excavations in the area of Utah, USA. The reptile was named Caelestiventus hanseni. She had a complete beak of teeth, consisting of 4 outstanding looking fangs, and the wingspan reached five feet, reports the Chronicle.info with referral to Likely. Caelestiventus hanseni hovere …


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