Boise Bicycle Project Yanks Noxious Burrs Ahead of Goathead Fest

Boise Bicycle Job Yanks Noxious Burrs Ahead of Goathead Fest

Some individuals were stunned when Trip de Fat, the New Belgium Brewing-funded traveling bike carnival, revealed it wasn’t returning to Boise, however Boise Bicycle Job Director Jimmy Hallyburton wasn’t one of them. “We’ve constantly known there would be a time when they would not come back to Boise,” he said. “… So we were truly thrilled that they handed over the reins to us.” Trip de Fat raised more than $500,000 for bicycle-related nonprofits like BBP and the Treasure Valley Biking Alliance, however Hallyburton stated its bigger success was rallying Boise’s biking neighborhood to enable social change. Now, he wishes to recreate a few of that magic with a new bike event, Goathead Fest. The festival starts Friday, Aug. 3, at Cecil D. Andrus Park with a kickoff celebration including a dance performance by Job Flux and music by Oregon-based Summer season Cannibals; Berkeley, California-based Cello Joe; Boiseans Eleven & Jason D; and Radio Boise’s The Wreck. On Saturday, Aug. 4, there will be a bicycle parade at 10 a.m.; music by Seattle-based Wet City Rockers, and Boise-based Juice; dancing with The Dance Leader; more music from Radio Boise’s Psyche Sirens program; kids activities with The Shine Projects and more. The ambition is to raise $50,000 for a wider swath of bike-related nonprofits and bring 6,000-8,000 individuals to the park, which will be transformed around the style of that common opponent of all Boise bicyclists: the goathead. “I think of it as this goathead monster who, for the last numerous years, has actually wreaked havoc on our bike community. It’s popped all these tires, it’s simply been this satanic force,” Hallyburton stated. Goatheads have actually long been a thorn in BBP’s side. Before the celebration, organizers motivated individuals to form groups to pull up the vines, and they want to gather goatheads by the ton. “The goathead collection is an actually enjoyable method to obtain people thrilled about the celebration where we’ll commemorate all various kinds of bicyclists, and the festival itself is a way to obtain individuals thrilled about getting out there and gathering goatheads,” Hallyburton said.

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