Art, culture and shopping: Kurfürstendamm

Art, culture and shopping: Kurfürstendamm

Check-in presenter Lukas Stege has a look around the center of Berlin’s west side. He gives shopping suggestions, goes to a museum and feeds tapirs at the zoo. He also stops by the Ku’damm’s most famous currywurst counter. Berlin’s popularity with tourists is growing, however so is regional homeowners’ resentment: noise, rubbish levels and costs are rising. Is t.

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A population of finches on the Galapagos has been found in the procedure of ending up being a brand-new types. This is the very first example of speciation that scientists have actually been able to observe straight in the field. Scientists followed the whole population of finches on a tiny Galapagos island called Daphne Major, for many years, therefore they were able t.


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