American Friends of the IDF Team Up with Wounded Vets for X-Israel Cycling Tour

American Buddies of the IDF Coordinate With Injured Veterinarians for X-Israel Biking Tour

New York City, Oct. 29– Advocates of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) concluded an intense six-day bicycle trip through Israel last week.

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While women’s biking is progressing, it still has a long method to go. Whereas base pay requirements ensure that riders competing at the men’s WorldTour and Pro Continental level are paid a liveable salary, there is no base pay at any ladies’s level (yet). Even some of the best teams on the scene can’t manage to pay thei …

See all stories on this topic Metro Cities Roundup: Census information, pedestrian legislation and cycling And on to the roundup for this week: Smiley the world-famous therapy pet, who just recently passed away after a fight with cancer. A petition has been started to name a statue in his honour at Toronto’s Berczy Park. Pleased Halloween city fans. Metro Cities is marking the day with a look at how modern-day metropolitan areas deal with their dead, from residential areas for cemeteries to GPS tombstones. Torontonian Rob Shostak is marking it the very same way he does every year: wearing a sophisticated outfit in ode to his city. Past outfits have included Truthful Ed’s, Town hall, and Trinity Bellwoods. City Toronto checked in to see what he’s developed this year. Big news for cities today came out of the new census information launched by Statistics Can. The numbers show tenants comprise over half of Vancouverites, huge changes in Toronto’s little China, cheaper realty is drawing newbies to the Prairies and motivating Edmonton to consider itself part of the “The Big 4,” cities for new immigrants, behind Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Learn more census highlights here. Pedestrians are the target of legislation and public security campaigns in Ontario and Alberta recently, much to the chagrin of Metro Toronto columnist Matt Elliott, who composed of the proposition to ban so-called sidetracked walking: “… any new legislation must be focused first at those doing the killing and the maiming. The genuine threat on our streets isn’t really on a phone screen. It’s behind the wheel.” Winnipeg council approved plans to upgrade the notoriously unfriendly-to-pedestrians crossway of Portage and Main, but the proposal falls short of achieving Mayor Brian Bowman’s promise to re-open the crossing to pedestrians above ground. And Ottawa was chattering over the news that the newly-unveiled Holocaust memorial will close all winter season long, in Ottawa, where winter season is not precisely a new thing, since snow-proofing it was considered too expensive. That’s not the just extremely Canadian monument news out of the nation’s capital today: The city also unveiled a monument honouring Lord Stanley of Preston, the guy who gave all of us the gift of the Stanley Cup. Work-life re-balanced: After task losses in Calgary, dormant office towers dot the city’s horizon. Now a developer is wanting to turn those underused structures from offices into homes. Ryan O’Quinn postures for an image in the centre of the Halifax skating oval, where he’s proposing an NHL-size hockey rink. Puck, yeah: Ryan O’Quinn wishes to see a hockey rink established in the middle of downtown Halifax, and he’s even pulled out the tape measure to show his plan has benefit. O’Quinn has chosen the skating oval, a track that serves roller skaters in the summer, and because 2011, ice skaters in the winter. But the middle of the track has actually been kept open and grassy. O’Quinn called around for quotes, pegging the expense at $1.1 million, and thinks he’s got the fundraising chops to make it occur. (More on the Commons from Halifax columnist Tristan Cleveland.) Reconciliation: Another Haligonian is seeking to raise $1 million, this time to purchase parkland and donate it back to an Indigenous community. Anne Kuersten thinks a parcel of land on the Dartmouth waterside, which is owned by the federal government and presently being eyed as a website to entice Amazon’s second headquarters, ought to be contributed back to Millbrook First Nation. “It has to do with people of Halifax and Nova Scotia having the opportunity to make a powerful statement of how we want our city to be,” Kuersten informed City Halifax. Style jam: In exactly what’s being dubbed an initially for the city, Vancouver city staff opened a brainstorming session to locals of all 22 areas that will be linked by the Arbutus Passage, a paved “bike highway” prepared for an obsolete railway. A Calgary neighbourhood will lose its bike lane in order to allow more curbside automobile parking. The city and the Calgary Real estate Company opened a brand-new child care centre recently inside a city-owned budget friendly housing residential or commercial property. The daycare is one of 22 various centres across Alberta being moneyed by the provincial federal government and provides look after an optimum of $25/day. Uber setting a road map for getting in Winnipeg, and benefiting from the cities that have preceded it, Metro Winnipeg’s Braeden Jones reports. A report aimed at improving public art policies in Toronto requires targeting under-served areas beyond the downtown, following Calgary and Quebec’s lead on which jobs should include art funding, including more short-lived projects, appropriate historic injustices in commissions, and better promotion. (Meantime, Smiley, the blind golden retriever and beloved treatment dog, could be celebrated at Toronto’s pet dog water fountain.) Winter bicyclists are getting ready for their first snowy season on Edmonton’s brand-new bike grid. The city has committed to raking within 24 Hr of snowfall and locals are bracing for chillier temperature levels by studding their tires. For more ideas on winter season cycling, checked out City Edmonton’s Kashmala Fida’s story. Proposed modifications would make it much easier for women in politics, eliminating a guideline that needed new moms ask Halifax city council’s permission for a leave of absence if they wanted to return to public office later on. “It’s one step to make it easier for females to hold a place in office,” Coun. Lisa Blackburn, one of two females councillors, informed Metro Halifax. Vancouver politicians are attempting to close a loophole that permits proprietors to boost leas. City Vancouver press reporters have talked with individuals who were forced to pay more than $300 more from one month to the next. Love by design: How Rob Shostak’s city-centric Halloween outfits are a love letter to Toronto ‘The dam has actually broken’: Edmonton’s theatre scene on making modification after prominent harassment allegations


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