Amazon briefly tested out offering Whole Foods discounts to Prime members

Amazon briefly evaluated out offering Whole Foods discounts to Prime members

Signs at the Whole Foods Market store in San Ramon, Calif. Though it just lasted a short while, a Whole Foods in Texas hung signage offering 10 percent discounts to Prime members. Amazon might be toying around with the idea of offering its Prime members discounts at Whole Foods supermarket. Found by CNBC, one Whole Foods in Austin, TX had sig …

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As Amazon and Whole Foods continue combining into a single, e-organic mass, it’s left layoffs, tears, and more than a couple of Alexas in the wake. However there’s at least one group that this union will undoubtedly benefit: Amazon’s Prime members. Already, Whole Foods has hung 5 percent money back on all …

suppliers’worries, is Whole Foods unleashing a new marketing and sales technique to obtain customers through the door? CNBC reported that an Austin, Texas, store might be checking marketing materials promoting a 10 percent discount rate for Amazon Prime members– fascinating when taken in light of the push-back t. See all stories on this topic


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