All you need to know when learning how to snowboard

All adventure sports have one thing in common – practice makes perfect, and in order to improve you need to try and try again. This will end up being more true than ever as you learn and engage with the great sport of snowboarding. As you begin to engage with the sport, remember that snowboarding is about having fun and that if you are simply becoming frustrated, miserable and annoyed with mistakes and with falling, you will never really enjoy your time on the slopes. So put a smile on and have fun, and perhaps consider some of the following pointers:

  1. Wear protective gear:

Staying safe is not only smart, but it is also makes you look very cool! Wear wrist guards, and of course a helmet. Some have also suggested wearing lacrosse shorts, which help protect the hips, thighs, and most importantly the tailbone. After a long day of falling over and over again, you may be thankful you took this advice. Also, you will surely be happier and more comfortable as your body won’t ache in pain.

  1. Seek out powder conditions:

Try to find the hill of powder closest to you, especially for your first snowboarding adventure. Avoiding icy conditions is a good idea to start. Going snowboarding when there is a fresh snowfall is a great idea as the snow will be fluffy to ride (and fall on). Ice is not as pleasant, nor forgiving.

  1. Goofy or Regular?

Find out which way is most comfortable for you to ride. Board riders have one of two stances: “regular” is the stance with the left foot forward, whereas “goofy” leads with the right. One way of figuring out which way you should start is standing with your feet together and have someone gently push you from behind. Whichever foot comes out first is the foot you most likely should have in the front. If you try one stance and you find you are very uncomfortable, especially once you start to carve and turn, try leading with the other foot.

  1. Look where you want to go:

You can also point! Keep your arms out and let your finger lead the way. If you want to go right, look right. If you want to fall to your face or fall backwards… well then, just stand straight and keep your head that way too. But I would avoid that! Remember that your eyes lead your body, so as you stand in a snowboard stance make sure your head is always turned 90 degrees, looking straight at your target destination.


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