'A wonderful man:' 1000 cyclists pedal in honor of Chris Kegel, the man behind Wheel and Sprocket

‘A fantastic guy:’ 1000 cyclists pedal in honor of Chris Kegel, the man behind Wheel and Gear

MILWAUKEE– A Milwaukee icon and legend in the cycling world, the late Chris Kegel continues to be remembered two years after his passing. On Sunday, Aug. 26, the biking community paid homage. “He was a wonderful guy,” stated John Fischer. Chris Kegel was the guy behind Wheel and Sprocket and so much more. He may be gone, however his spirit lives on. “…

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After work on Thursday night, commuters discovered a man biking down I-95 in Miami, Florida, using a headband, neon pink socks, neon shoes, and … very little else. While some revealed contempt for the self-expression … Many who saw the story on social media appeared humored, happy, even, of their fellow Floridian. The Miami Herald states the Florida Highway Patrol received calls about the naked man, who was in fact riding his non-motorized car unlawfully. Officers could not find him in time, so for all we understand, the secret cyclist might be still be off riding away, free of any (and we indicate any) limitations. For suggestions on how you can also rock a bike flight sans clothes (while not in the middle of rush-hour traffic), we have actually got some concepts.


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