A New Robot Tracks Sick Bees Wearing Tiny Coded Backpacks

A New Robot Tracks Sick Bees Using Tiny Coded Backpacks

Science hasn’t been giving us an incredible amount of excellent news these days. We’re speeding towards climate catastrophe, for one. We’ve screwed up the environment so terribly, it’s tough to even call it an environment any longer. And that’s returning to bite (or sting) us: Bee populations, which we count on to pollinate our crops, are plummeting … See all stories on this topic

NASA’s Sun-visiting spacecraft endured its very first brush with a star

It’s been a hectic week for the folks manning the controls of the Sun-touching Parker Solar Probe at NASA. After breaking a bunch of records recently for its range from the Sun and the speed at which it was traveling, the probe began the week by making the very first of its two lots planned flybys of the star. Now, after waiting patiently for the …


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