21 Amazon Prime Benefits: January 2017 Updated List of Offered Services

21 Amazon Prime Advantages: January 2017 Updated List of Offered Solutions

Considering that its launch in October 2005, Amazon Prime has puffed up to over 64 million members. Sources differ on the actual number, however suffice it to state that nearly half of all U.S. families have at least one member. From a popularity viewpoint there are other commitment programs in the United States and worldwide that can boast comparable numbers, …

See all stories on this subject You Can Now Utilize Bitcoin to Purchase Stuff on Amazon, through Purse.io App

Advocates of Bitcoin, the popular digital currency, often face a minimum of two problems when trying to equate Bitcoin utilize into real-world shopping and payments. Initially, Bitcoin requires using a separate wallet or handling service in order to function as an arbitrator of sorts for purchases made; and 2nd, a number of the most popular onlin …


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